EuCon teams up with EIFF for animation festival

Eugene International Film Festival will host an animated film room at EUCON 2018.

Eugene Con (popularly known as EUCON) and Imagination International, Inc. (III) are proud to announce the inclusion of Eugene International Film Festival (EIFF) in the 2018 Eugene Con show. EIFF will be hosting an animated film festival viewing room at the convention. The convention will be held the weekend of November 10 - 11 at Lane County Fairgrounds.

Mike Dilley, Director of EIFF will be opening submissions soon for animated shorts to be screened on site during Eugene Con. Convention attendees can stop in to view a few shorts, or stick around to watch the entire cycle of screenings. This offers the public a chance to experience a small taste of what the Eugene International Film Festival will include. Mike Dilley of EIFF remarked that pairing the Eugene International Film Festival with Eucon is “a wonderful opportunity for our audiences.”

Eucon’s Royce Myers said, “We’re always looking for great content to add to this event for the fans, and hosting an animation festival with EIFF is one of many new additions to EUCON 2018.” Eugene Con anticipates hosting more than 10,000 fans this year at the Lane County Fairgrounds to celebrate a shared love of art, comics, film, television, gaming and more. EUCON will feature world-famous actors, artists, and pop-culture icons. Fans can find memorabilia, autographs, original art, and photo opportunities at the event. This year’s event will also feature artist showcases and free workshops on a variety of artistic techniques.

Imagination International has been a foundational supporter of both Eugene Con and EIFF and is thrilled to see both organizations coming together to push Eucon to new, exciting heights.

About EIFF
For the last decade, Eugene International Film Festival has showcased independent films from all over the world in a Eugene-based screening event. Attendees enjoy a broad spectrum of film experiences from comedy to documentary to animation to live action in both short and long format.

Tatiana Havill