Maker's Market Artist Alley Food Trucks

Maker’s MArket 

EXHIBITOR Booth Number
501St Oregon Star Wars SL1-SL8
The American Space Tourist Alliance Mh2
Artie The Art Bus FAM7
AT&T Mj1
Batman 66 Wall Walk OP1
Batmobile OP1
Blak Jakk Hats Md10
Blairally Vintage Arcade Gc1
Blue Moon Books Mi1
Brick Builders FAM8
Bricks And Minifigs Eugene Md9
Cannonbot Gc3
Castle Of Games Mc1
Computer Information
Technology Department, LLC
Copic Ma1
Count Orlok Collectibles Mf6
Courtney Hiersche Art Md5
Crystal Stardust Gifts Mc3
Disc Heroes Mg4
Dr. Hoganberry'S Emporium Md2
Dragonvine Mg5
Edwards Art And Design Mh6
Eugene Public Library FAM6
Eugene Science Center FAM5
Evaria Me2
Fanboyz Comic Gear Mf8
Farwest Toys Mg3
Fun Again Games Gd1
Game Truck Gb1
Gambit'S Cards And Hobbies Me1
Glimmer Technology Ga2
Global Mineral Mf7
Hills Of Comics Mf3
Hop Valley BG
Hult Center FAM1
Jade Kingdom Creations Md6
King Pong Ga1
Kritter Klips Mf2
Landratt Llc And Tzi Games Mg1
Library Comics Md11
Magic & Minifigs Mf1
Main Phase Gaming Mc4
Matt'S Calvacade Mb1
The Nerdknackery Mh7
Neontendo (Mario Car) Gb2
New Belgium / Voodoo Lounge Ge2
Nippon Sentaku Md7
Ocilo: By Captnemo Gc2
Omega Fire Studios Mg2
Optovania Ga4
Oregon Army National Guard Mf4
Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace Mf5
Paint Pots Mc2
Pennavir Decals Mh5
Poolie D'S Props & Cosplay COS1
Portland Superheroes Coalition COS3
Princess Cosplay COS3
Prop Display OP1
R. Roderick Rowe Mh1
Radar Toys Md4
Replay Toys Md1
Rip City Ghostbusters COS4
S & T Coins Mh3
Sinister Metalworks Md8
Star Trek Experience OP2
Sweet Bay Shaved Ice FAM4
Sword And Sandal Film Productions Mh4
T and T Creations Md12
Tailored Coffee Roasters FC1
Thibra Ma1
Threadbare Eucon Store EC1
Trek Theatre Main Stage
Toys For Tots FAM3
Video Game Headquarters Mc5
Villains Group COS2
Watercolor Chaos! Mf9
Y Comics Md3

Artist Alley

ARTIST Booth Number
A Guide To Fairies Ad4
A Josh Of All Trades Ad5
A-B Media House Al3
Amanda Brewer And Justin Pearson Ad8
Anadia An1
Andrea Rosales Ab4
Arron Blaise Ah5
Art Ala Carte Aa2
Art Of Georgia Henderson Ab11
Art Of Jason Kilthau Am1
Beverly Downen Ad13
Bohemian Comics Ad1
Bordin Af1
Brandi York Ak6
Brendan Loscar Ae3
Chihiro Howe Ad6
Christa D Ad2
Clammy Heart Ak3
Clayton Hollifield Ab5
Corrosive Comics Ai2
Creatrix Realms Ae2
Creatureish By Whoop! Ab1
Crooked Pinky Fingers Aa3
Cult Classic Posters Al12
Dan Schaefer Ac1
Dana Simpson Ah1
David Levy Ah4
Deceptions / Crist Creations Am3
Delicate Adventures Ah3
Dragon Den Studios Ak9
Erin Derrick Art Al8
Errorlot Art Al10
Farel D Aa1
Floyd Sumner Ac5
Geek It Up Ad3
Geeky Caticorn Am2
Greg Smith Ad12
Head Curry Comics Ac9
Io Goodnezz Ak4
Ion Grip Ag12
Iron Gate Comics Al6
Islandhedgehog Accessories Ag6
Jack Stepp Ai1
Jake Crunk Ab3
Jason And Desiree Pittman Ag5
Jeremy Joseph Aa5
Jillian Of Midgard Ag4
Joe Keatinge Ae1
Johnny Acurso Illustration Ag9
Jon Mcsilvers Ag1
Julie Dawn Ai3
Katie Zanne Creations Al4
Keith Tucker Ah7,Ah8
Keruchii Ak8
Kristel'S Kreations An2
Kristi Cramer Af3
Kristy Tipton Ah4
Kyle Nelson Ad11
Liera Collections Ae8, Ae9
Lucky Gum Fursuits / Xeny Ab9
Magneato Al2
Manny Carrasco Ah5
Matt Brundage Ae5
Mccull'S Webcomics & Art Ab10
Meany Maille Ab12
Megan Starr Ag10
Melora Mylin Ag7
Mike Marshall Aa4
Mike Royer Ac10
Misty Fig Gift Shop Al7
Morgan Rr Haze Ac7
Mostly Bad Guys Ag2
Natural Born Otaku An3
Nerd Oasis Aj5
Nerd Wood Designs Ak1, Ak2
Nick Wirtz Af2
Not So Much Or Really Al11
Oceanrabbits Ak10
Pamada K Al9
Patrick Buermeyer Aj2
Pie Fan Art An4
Pivylwhip & Curiocosm Ag8
Pookie Plush Ai4
Popsicle Propagnanda Al1
Punch It! Graphics Ac3
Rachael And Zion Valet Ag3, Ac4
Richard Mcconochie Art & Photography Aj3, Aj4
Rick Marcks Ae7
Risen From Ashes Af4
Rootis Tabootus Illustrations Ah9
Ruth Roth Ag11
Sara Talmage Ab2
Savannahfaerie X Angelicforest Ah2
Savvy Jensen Art Aj1
Studio Lg Ad10
Ted Graves Art Ak5
Terryl Whitlatch Ah6
That'S Not Math Ac8
The Art Of Tony V Ak7
The Dice Damsel Al5
The Fearless Nine Ab7
The Steel Web Ac2
Vox Ab8
White Noise Studios Neil Jordge Ae4
Wild Forest Dog Illustration Ad9

Food Trucks

VENDOR Booth Number
Bacon Nation FC8
Cowgirl Cook'N FC5
Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery FC6
Lani Moku Grill FC9
Pizza My Cart FC7
Red Five Hot Dogs FC2
Sammitch FC2
Seouly Fusion FC3
Sweet Bay FAM4